Our New Home

826 Hillside Drive
Dandridge, Tennessee  37725

Land layout diagram (the house is located on lots 19 and 20)

Land after grading

View of Douglass Lake and Smoky Mountains from the driveway

Mid May - Footing being poured

Mid May - Concrete Block Foundation

Mid May - View from future Garage

Mid May - Looking toward guest bedroom wing

Late May - more progress on the foundation.  The near projection is the study.  The two far projections are the guest bedrooms.

Mid June - Basement window under bay window in dining area

Mid June - Basement vapor barrier and rebar.  The dark border is insulation that enables the entire floor to "float" free of the foundation.

Mid June - Foundation insulation and "French" drain (this house WILL have a dry basement!)

Late June - Prefabricated floor trusses ready to install (these enable long spans with no supporting columns below)

Late June - Subflooring in place

Early July - Framing for front entrance

Early July - Framing for back of house (the "hole" is for the great room)

Early July - Framing for the Study bay window.

Early July - Roof Trusses ready to install.

Mid July - Framing for front of house and roof (except great room)

Mid July - View from Great Room.

Mid July - Basement (note: no columns) and down staircase.

Roofing, scaffolding for framing great room roof.

Mid July - Great Room framing and roof complete.

Mid July - From Great Room - Arched passage  leads to guest bedroom suite

Mid July - Framing for large "wall of glass" in Great Room

September 5, 2004

View from the road below.

Front Porch.

Guest Wing

View from Front Porch, Left

View from Front Porch, Center

View from Front Porch, Right