John and Jennifer

Jennifer and John live in Williamsburg, Virginia (See Our Home). In May 1999 John completed his 5 year Navy commitment. He joined Anheuser-Busch (commonly called Budweiser) located in Williamsburg.  Lieutenant Jennifer left the Navy in August 2001 (See her in uniform). Formerly, she was Hazardous Materials Officer on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. On March 1, 2000 she transferred to Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, Virginia as Command Management Control Officer for the Fleet Hospital Support Office (FHSO).  In July 2001 she completed her 5 year Navy commitment and began working for Pepsi as category analyst.  After 1 year she resigned to take voice, dance and sewing classes.  In 2003 she sang and danced in a production of "The Music Man" at William & Mary College in Williamsburg.

A son, Stephen Lawrence was born November 6, 2003 (see her precious boy).