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Dave's hobby is collecting and restoring antique radios. This page represents the approximate state of the collection prior to consignment of most items to Estes Auctions of Ohio in late 2014.  At that time, the collection consisted of around 190 sets, dating from 1921 to as late as the 1950's.  Most of them were restored and working.  The collection did not really have a particular "focus", but the majority of the sets were 1930's and 1940's  battery and AC sets.   The manufacturers with the most representation are Atwater-Kent, Philco, Zenith and RCA. A few favorite sets were kept.

My Antique Radio Restoration Logs

In addition to the radios and TVs, there were also antique slot machines and clocks (previous hobbies).

Above: Battery and Early AC sets.  Three Crosley Repwood cabinet sets, top shelf right side (models 54, 28, 58).  
The phonographs on the top left are both battery operated portables with crank phonos (Philco 30-504 and
Northern Electric (Canada) B 4002.  The bottom two shelves are battery and early AC sets.  Thermiodyne T.F.6, 
Atwater Kent Model 46 with matching speaker, Eveready 21 battery.  Bottom shelf RCA Radiola 16 Battery Set,
RCA Radiola 21 Battery.

Above: Atwater Kent AC metal console, horn speakers, Murdock Model 2A early AC set, 
unknown speaker table, Hammond clock.

Above: Motorola 10VT24R 10" Table Model TV with stand, Fixed tuned "Mike" radios, Antique Slot Machines

Above: AC sets; 6 volt and 32 volt farm radios and AK84D 110 volt DC set.  Also, farm dry cell battery sets and some 70's vintage and newer novelty transistor radios.  The smaller table models are early 30's "Depression" sets.  The metal radio is an RCA coin operated hotel radio.  What looks like a set of books is a Crosley 141 (Library Universal).  The three similar small radios on the second shelf down, left side, are Westinghouse
"Refrigerator" radios, models H-125 (turquoise), H-126 (ivory), and H-127 (brown).

The console is a Zenith 8S661 - the best  sounding radio in my collection.  The floor and first two shelves are other Zenith radios.  
Bottom row left to right: Zenith 6B129, 6S128, Zenette 216-2.  Second shelf: Zenith 7S633, 
7S432.  Third shelf: Zenith 7S433 "Zephyr", 8S434.  Fourth shelf: Atwater Kent model 36, Philco 54.  Top
shelf: Atwater Kent 37 with matching speaker, Philco 511 with matching speaker.

Floor: Zenith 6S128, Zenette 216-2, Zenith 6J230, Zenith 6S229, Grunow 620 6-volts, GE K-80(RCA 140).
First Shelf: Zenith 7S432, 4V31 6 Volts, 5S319, 4F133 6 volts DC, Zenith 805 cathedral.
Second Shelf: Zenith 8S434, 4B422 6 Volts, 6S511, Volksemphanger VE-301 Dyn with extension speaker,
Westinghouse B83 (Canada).  Fourth Shelf: Philco 54, Viking (Dominion Electrohome, Canada - battery),
Sentinel 73B 6 Volts, RCA 84BT1 Battery, Majestic 130 battery portable, Kadette Junior.
Top Shelf: Philco 38-40 6 Volts, Sentinel 271 Battery, Tube type metronome.

Above: These are mostly battery and early AC sets, plus cone speakers, early batteries and battery eliminators/chargers.  
The first three radios on the second shelf are 32 volt farm radios, followed by
Atwater Kent models 165, 185A and 184.  The last radio is a Coronado 7T5 32 Volt DC farm set.

Above: Early battery sets plus some newer sets (overflow area!).

Above: Early Battery Sets.

Above: British antique slot machines, British sets, Airline 62-321 Movie Dial console with motorized tuning.

Above: British and Canadian radios, 32 volt DC radio, farm-battery sets, railroad relays, RCA RE-80 Console Radio-Phono 

Above: Philco 40-216 13-tube console with "Mystery" remote control - working!

The large table model is a Zenith 7S323.  The console is a 9S367, my only Zenith shutter dial.
On top is Bandit, our Maine Coon Cat - always in the middle of everything.

Above: Silvertone 4740 6-volt DC farm radio with original box and paperwork, Silvertone 1925 32 volt DC, Philco 38-93

Above: The large Philco tombstone is a 37-2670EZ Rare Export Model, 11 tubes, 5 bands with long wave.  To its right is a Philco Model 52.  On the shelf below, a Murphy British set and Silvertone 6 volt DC cube radio.  

Above: Murphy British AC set and Silvertone 6 volt DC cube radio.  Below them is a rare RCA model 91-B metal battery set, a similar GE M-40 (RCA 102) and an Airline 62-377 farm radio.

Above: Atwater Kent AC metal console, GE HJ-618-AC radio-phono, Sentinel 63B 6 volt DC console.

Hallicrafters SX-25 with PM-23 speaker (top)
Philco 20 and 70 cathedrals
Philco 43 and 89 cathedrals
Philco 16 and the rare Philco Model 32 32 volt tombstone.
Philco 66 and 37-61(top)
French Grammont radio-phono, RCA 301 radio-phono
Truetone D-727 with motorized tuning, GE B-52 AC/6 volt DC portable, and United Motors Service 4049 32 volt DC tombstones.

RCA 630TS 10" TV with channel one, Sylvania 155M 17" table model TV, Philco Predicta 21" and 17" sets
Pilot TV-37 3" TV, Airline 7" portable TV, Arvin Mighty-Mite (model 40) 2-tube metal set.

Radio Lamp Company of America Torchere radio lamp, Lumitone 1260 Lamp Radio, RCA 6-volt farm radios, other farm radios, Admiral 10" bakelite console TV, other early 7" and 10" TV sets.

Above: Edison cylinder phonograph, Philco Model 37-38 Farm radio with original B-battery, GE 250 metal  portable (2 volt storage battery), Crosley and Eveready battery sets, Silvertone 6382 AC/6 volt DC console, railway crossing bell and signal (no cover).

Above: 6 volt Airline Movie Dial set.

Philco Radio Clock (timer), Philco 49-901 Secretary Radio, rare Philco 46E 240 volt DC export model console.

Heinz König, just off the plane from Germany with a gift of a 1938 German Volksemphanger, ("Peoples Radio" from Nazi Germany) Model VE 301 Dyn, with manual.  This radio is in mint condition.

Fixed Tuned Microphone Radios

1970's Transistor "doll" radios with "unique" controls!

RCA Dynamic Demonstrator, 1930 GE H-31 "The Lowboy"
Various radio parts and early set tester on top.

Crosley Play Time Grandfather Clock

Antique Radio Restoration Logs - How Some Radios In My Collection Were Restored

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