Zenith Wax-Paper Capacitor Restuffing

My antique radio restoration logs

Here is my process for restuffing Zenith and other wax-sealed paper capacitors in order to maintain the original under chassis appearance of the radio.  In cases where an original Zenith capacitor has been replaced during servicing, I try to find a suitable original dud in my parts bin and restuffed that capacitor.  I collect branded capacitors (Zenith, Philco, and others) just for this purpose.  I have been able to purchase Zenith and other branded duds from collectors who do not restuff capacitors on Antique Radio Forums and on eBay.  In most cases I found a dud with the part number listed in SAMS or Riders/Nostalgiaair.org.  If I do not have the exact part, I substituted a capacitor with a similar Zenith part number having the same capacity and voltage rating. My re-stuffing process is as follows: