Restuffing Dubilier Cub Capacitors

My antique radio restoration logs

There is a particular type of tubular paper-wax capacitor used in antique radios that was made by Cornell (perhaps later to become Cornell-Dubilier?) and branded "Cub".  They are quite unique in construction and cannot be re-stuffed with new capacitors in the usual manner.  There are two types that I have encountered.  The internal construction is the same for both types and is as follows:

The finished capacitor is then constructed in one of three ways:

First Type (wax enclosed)

The capacitor on the bottom is an original Cub capacitor.  The capacitor on top is a reproduction using a new film capacitor, while retaining the original label and end caps.

Second Type (Cardboard Tube)

Here is a completed capacitor.  It looks similar to the first (wax coated) type, but this type has the markings printed on the cardboard tube cover rather than having a paper label.  Also, the metal end caps are insulated vs. the first type where only a wax coating is applied.

Third Type (Cardboard Tube, No End Caps)

Here is an example of a completed capacitor.  Note the cut just visible on the right end.  Neither crimped end of the tube is disturbed using this method.